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Orientation and Activities (AMAR 1010)

Term: 2019-2020 Certificate Seeker


Benjamin Haslam
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Eric John Schiess
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Edward G Ball
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This required course covers how to start and successfully navigate Automated Manufacturing and Electronics Engineering Technology programs at BTECH. It covers how to best use the student portal called and register for classes. It also covers how to access, our curriculum website called Canvas, how to submit assignments, give/get feedback, and track progress. It will cover attendance and progress policies, tuition information, TimeClick, lab hours, grading policies, citizenship grades, and workplace soft skills. General safety will be covered including personal protective equipment, hazardous materials, safety data sheets (SDS) in the global harmonized system (GHS), OSHA’s right to know standards, identify safety hazards, emergency evacuation procedures, bloodborne pathogens and infection control practices. Activity hours for introductory topics such as manufacturing operator CFR (certified first responder), assisting hours at department events, and in